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The Northern Lights are one of Norway's strongest brands that create great and growing interest and attention from both Norwegian, but perhaps especially foreign tourists.

Xperium AS has developed a film / video / multimedia concept, Northern Lights Xperium®, which provides a spectacular and unique experience of the Northern Lights phenomenon. With the help of advanced viewing technology, you are taken on a magical journey in space, from the earth to the sun.

You will experience the activity on the sun and learn what is the starting point for the Northern Lights to be created.

When billions of tons of particles are ejected from the sun, you travel with the solar storm at a speed of up to 8 million km/h towards the earth. You are present when the particles hit the earth's own magnetic field. You feel the magnetism and tension when the sun's particles collide with oxygen and nitrogen in the earth's atmosphere and form the fantastic Northern Lights.

After "landing" in Oslo, this fantastic journey continues over land and water, past fjords and mountains, and through the most

spectacular natural gems in Norway - in search of the Northern Lights. The hunt for the Northern Lights goes from south to north, from light to dark, and from summer to winter.

Finally, the journey ends in the Arctic night, and you will experience - up close - one of the world's most beautiful and magical natural phenomena - the Northern Lights.

Xperium is now rebuilding its Northern Lights business after the corona shutdown in 2020-2021, and will in the near future offer its Northern Lights Xperium® concept to stakeholders and partners in tourism and tourism.

Interested parties can contact Chairman of the Board Kim Wedum, mobile 90 13 03 03 or Pål Brekke, mobile 90 87 19 61 

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